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Tito Larriva was Born in Mexico, raised in the Alaskan wilderness and then El Paso Texas. He moved to Los Angeles in the mid 70’s, where his career soon began with his seminal Punk band The Plugz. Director Alex Cox (Repo Man, Sid & Nancy, Walker) was a Plugz fan and sought Tito out to score and use some of his songs in his cult classic film Repo Man. There was a lot happening during this time in Los Angeles. Tito had his own record company PLUGZ RECORDS and later FATIMA RECORDS. He produced the now cult classic “Fire Of Love” Gun Club album, The Brat’s “Attitudes” along with the two PLUGZ albums, “Electrify Me” and “Better Luck”.

Eventually The Plugz evolved into the Cruzados and were signed by the infamous Clive Davis to ARISTA RECORDS. They charted two top 10 singles, “Moto Cycle Girl” & “Bed of Lies”. Tito continued working in Film & television as well. He starred in the famed HBO PEE WEE HERMAN-SHOW special as Hammy and produced the cast album for his Fatima label. In David Byrnes TRUE STORIES, Tito sang the song that would later inspire a British group to name their band RADIO HEAD. He shared the screen with Cheech Marin in “Born In East LA”, Patrick Swayze in “Road House”, John Travolta in “Eyes of an Angel”, Sean Penn & Robin Wright in “She’s So Lovely”, Antonio Banderas & Salma Hayek in “Desperado”, Mel Gibson & Milla Jovovic in Wim Wenders “The Million Dollar Hotel”, Johnny Depp in “Once Upon A Time In Mexico”. He has written music for over 50 TV shows and movies to date, including the title tracks for Machete (2010) and Machete Kills (2013).

The breakthrough for his band TITO & TARANTULA, came in 1995, when Robert Rodriguez offered them a chance to perform in his movie “From Dusk Till Dawn”. Their legendary performance as the bloodthirsty “Titty Twister” house band and the films huge commercial success brought them to a new level of popularity, including their first European tour supporting the late Joe Cocker. 

TARANTISM, produced by Tito Larriva and Robert Rodriguez, was recorded in some of the best studios in Los Angeles, such as Studio One, The Record Plant and Jackson Browne’s private studio, and were supported by a huge number of excellent musicians. But not all of the recorded material made it on the album. The tapes were boxed up and forgotten in Larriva’s garage, eventually falling into oblivion during the successful European release of TARANTISM in 1997. 

TITO & TARANTULA spent the next 2 decades touring the globe and released 4 more studio albums (“Hungry Sally & Other Killer Lullabies” (1999), “Little Bitch” (2000), “Andalucia” (2002) and “Back Into The Darkness” (2008)) without thinking about these buried treasures. On April 17th 2015, Tito Larriva will finally dust off these forgotten gems and release them under the title: LOST TARANTISM. Both Anniversary albums will be released thru It Sounds, in Digipack CD format and 180gram Vinyl edition. In April, the festivities continue as TITO & TARANTULA re-unite with original members and tour Europe. Joining TITO & TARANTULA – on their LOST TARANTISM TOUR are co founding member Peter Atanasoff, who toured the world at 16 years of age with the Paul Butterfield Blues Band, as well as drummer Johnny “Vatos” Hernandez, of Oingo Boingo fame, and of course Titty Twister fame. Tito Larriva’s daughter, Lolita Carroll Larriva will play bass along with his other musical colleague Marcus Praed, keeping the family tradition alive … 

Tito Larriva currently lives in Austin, Texas. 

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